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Explore what we’ve made for other customers. One of these designs might be exactly what your looking for!

Our Story & Mission

We are a Canadian based glass design & etching company specializing in creating custom glass designs for your home and office. Our custom designs are the perfect accent for any door in your home or office, kitchen, pantry, cabin or game room. Founded in 1990, it has been our mission to create stunning custom glass designs while enabling our customers the opportunity to personalize their design to suite their own style and environment. You too can have your very own custom glass designed by contacting a dealer near you or contacting us directly.


About Our Glass

Our decorative glass is low maintenance, beautiful and is designed to meet your vision, style, and aesthetic taste. We understand that having a beautiful glass design is one thing but we also wanted to reduce the amount of cleaning and care needed so you can enjoy your glass without the worry of fingerprints. This is why we have developed an innovative technique to protect the sandblasted surface from staining & soiling.